Santenay, Capuano-Ferreri


Santenay, Capuano-Ferreri

Indulge in the elegance of Santenay Vieilles Vignes, a wine that reflects the heritage and depth of its vineyards.


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Côte de Beaune
Miscellaneous Suppliers
Red Wine
Grape Variety
Pinot Noir
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Chicken piccata with capers
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Schroder & Schyler

The history of the Schröder & Schyler House merges with that of the Bordeaux trade. A history, rich in adventures, since over the centuries, wars and changes in regime, have influenced its activities and in turn its markets have diversified.

Hanseatic merchants Jean-Henri Schÿler, originally from Hamburg (1708 - 1776) and Jacques Schröder (1691 - 1755), originally from Lübeck, founded the company that bears their name, at Bordeaux quai des Chartrons. It served as a trading post for colonial foodstuffs (indigo, spices, sugar, coffee, tea, oils, etc.) from Santo Domingo and the West Indies, destined for northern European ports. Passing through Bordeaux and its port, the ships were loaded with Bordeaux wine barrels and the Port of the Baltic with cargoes of staves for the manufacture of oak barrels.

These merchants of the Protestant religion, educated on the virtues of commerce, according to the ancient tradition which has given all its splendour to the Hanseatic League, had an unrivalled commercial network which extended from Holland to Russia, passing through Denmark, Norway, East Prussia, Latvia, Estonia. Durable commercial links established at the company's inception continue today and throughout the world.